ALDA’s partners


CEINGE- Advanced Biotechnologies in Naples is a non-profit Consortium operating in the field of molecular biology and advanced biotechnology applied to Human Health. It is an excellence in Italy and abroad for the Research and Diagnostics of genetic diseases (hereditary and acquired).


The EuroBioImaging facility in Naples is the Italian Italian Advanced Light Microscopy Node of the European infrastructure ‘Euro-BioImaging’ (EUBI), along with four others imaging facilities located in Genoa, Padua, Florence and Milan. Together the Node sites provide access to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies as well as to a complete service package, from sample preparation to final image analysis, quantitation and visualization.

FLUOFAB can be easily used in all the research lab and can be designed and produced according to the customers desired applications. The conjugation technology used for the generation of the FLUOFAB can also be applied to full length primary antibodies

ALDA bioassays offer the possibility to detect protein-protein interactions that are considered biomarkers for many pathologies directly in patient’s tissues and blood. ALDA bioassays are versatile and can be customized according to the biological matrix analysed and/or the target of interest for the analysis

ALDA bioassays can operate as essential tool for the evaluation of the efficacy of new therapeutic treatments.

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