Every target of analysis in cell biology and clinical research brings its own set of challenges, mainly related to visualization of nanostructures and monitoring of specific protein-protein interactions.
A major challenge in super resolution and FRET microscopy is related to the precision of labelling the protein target of interest with conventional markers for intra-cellular staining.

To overcome these limitations, ALDA srl has created a class of reagents ideal for super resolution and FRET applications, called FLUOFAB.

FLUOFAB is a Fab (antigen binding fragments) based probe selectively conjugated with specific fluorophores. The small size and the selective conjugation of the FLUOFAB allow providing a precision labelling of endogenous cellular targets.
It is possible have access to ALDA’s wide range of expertise and Eurobioimaging advanced instruments to streamline your FLUOFAB for your imaging experiments.
Take advantage of our complete target-to-manufacturing service offering for all FLUOFAB components, from the antibody to the fluorophore selection.


ALDA’s services are available to select the optimal antibodies candidate for your protein target of interest. ALDA conjugation technologies can be assessed for efficacy screen and generate FLUOFAB with different fluorophores for your fluorescent imaging applications.


ALDA’s laboratories are equipped with an array of analytical instrumentation to enable full characterisation and purity determination of our products. ALDA is able to offer a range of analysis from extensive chromatographic purification equipment allowing the most challenging of separations, to analytical methods to confirm the purity, homogeneity and stability of our FLUOFAB products. ALDA has full access to C.E.I.N.G.E.-Advanced Biotechnology* facilities, including mass spectrometry facility.